My Camper Van conversion in 17 days – A How-To Guide

I made this video showing the day-by-day process for making a really pimp Van Conversion! You can also find a FULL online-guide for how to convert a van here:  Download a PDF eBook Guide with full schematics and parts list here This project was SUPER fun but obviously quite involved. You can see full detail of theContinue reading “My Camper Van conversion in 17 days – A How-To Guide”

Preparation for ‘Psycheventure’

I am basically a mediocre climber who has dabbled in all sorts of climbing. I started doing more trad and then moved into winter alpine mountaineering and then to big wall but mostly doing it as a weekend warrior / holiday climber. My current aims are explained in this 1 minute long video. These aims cameContinue reading “Preparation for ‘Psycheventure’”

The case against climbing becoming an Olympic sport

Should climbing be an Olympic sport? Apparently last week some guy at the ‘International Federation of Sport Climbing’ (whatever that is) announced that they are putting forward a multi discipline format to the IOC in with the hope that a sugar-coated spectator-friendly approach to climbing will help them pick climbing as an Olympic sport. ItContinue reading “The case against climbing becoming an Olympic sport”

Solo in the Winter Alps

My aim was to go for about a week, alone, live in a snow hole in a self-sufficient manner and climb some routes on the Tacul Triangle and, if that went well, hit up some bigger steep routes on the back of the Mt. Blanc Massif. At the time I did not really realise itContinue reading “Solo in the Winter Alps”