My Camper Van conversion in 17 days – A How-To Guide

I made this video showing the day-by-day process for making a really pimp Van Conversion!

This project was SUPER fun but obviously quite involved. You can see full detail of the build on the following blog I made to help people with their own projects;

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Climbing in Yangshou Episode 1

This is the first Episode of two about living and climbing in Yangshou

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Climbing in Thakhek

This is our video about climbing in Thakek!

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Climbing in Catalunya

This is our video about three months climbing in Catalunya

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Preparation for ‘Psycheventure’

I am basically a mediocre climber who has dabbled in all sorts of climbing. I started doing more trad and then moved into winter alpine mountaineering and then to big wall but mostly doing it as a weekend warrior / holiday climber. My current aims are explained in this 1 minute long video. These aims came […]

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Big Wall Solo: Fail, Bail & Send [VIDEO]

Based on the trip featured in this article I produced a short film about the experience.

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