My Camper Van conversion in 17 days – A How-To Guide

I made this video showing the day-by-day process for making a really pimp Van Conversion!

You can also find a FULL online-guide for how to convert a van here: 

Download a PDF eBook Guide with full schematics and parts list here

This project was SUPER fun but obviously quite involved. You can see full detail of the build on the following blog I made to help people with their own projects;


  1. James Kerr says:

    Hello Nathan,

    Can you please contact me at the e-mail address I have given below.

    I have a couple of private questions for you…



  2. Kate Holmes says:

    Just wanted to know how you fixed the batttens to the floor before insulting? I’m assuming you don’t drill as that would mean having a cold bridge? Also, how did you fix the tongue and grove to the walls (not including the hiding clip things). What do those clips fix to?
    Have you got a decent website for electrics?

    Think that’s it.



    1. Nate Murphy says:

      Floor – just glued them in! Mostly I did not screw as it would create more rust spot potential under the van. Tounge and groove was fixed to ply or other battons which were fixed to the van! Check out < lots of info there 🙂

  3. Tom Dutton says:

    Hi Nate, just wondering what you did with your van regarding insurance and the V5 with he DVLA? Are you a motor caravan, a dual purpose vehicle or a straight-up panel van in their eyes now? Which company did you insure it with, and were they accepting of all your mods?


  4. Carena says:

    Hi – What size wheel base is this van? Thanks!!

    1. Carena says:

      Nevermind – the answer is in your ‘how to’ guide! Thanks anyway 👍🏻

  5. salomon boruchowicz says:

    I just want to congratulate you on your great work. You have very original ideas. I will one day emulate what you have done.

  6. Jim says:

    Hi Nat. I was wondering if you could send a hard copy of the ebook? Really enjoyed your vids. I only have internet access with an old iPhone so a printed copy would be better for me.
    Thanks Jim.

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