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  1. hello mr nathan i’m an architect in the final class & working on my graduate project (prison)and i can’t find any good exambles or similar samples to start from ..can u help me ?my email is

  2. Hello,
    I am currently in my final year at NTU studying Interior Architecture. I am writing my dissertation on the comparisons between Danish and UK prison design, as their re offending rate are 19% lower than ours. I am interested in whether their different design approach is reflected in the statistics. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated or if you can point me in the right direction…

    1. I would look at systems, services and the entire criminal justice system and how they operate. Also look at what they see as the purpose of prisons and the attitude they have to prisoners and rehabilitation. In prisons the design of systems and services is more important than the physical architecture – although the physical architecture can significantly enable these systems/services to take place/be better.

  3. Hello,

    I am also a student at NTU, I am also looking into prison design and if the architecture infulences punishment or rehabilitation. I have been looking at Halden Prison in Norway as it is seen as ‘the world most humane prison’ and the architecture significantly influences this. Do you have any contact/ information to guide me in the right dirction in regards to comparing this prison against what seems to be failing UK prison systems. I have been looking into Featherstone- as this was re designed due to the high intake of drugs (design allowing for drug usage) and also Strangeways post riot and how the prisosn was modernised. Any additional ifnormation you could give me to strengthen my points would really help!



    1. Hi Samantha, I have actually visited Strangeways – friendly management so you may have some luck contacting them directly for information – no harm in trying. You should be able to find Lord Woolf’s report which should give you some insights in to the pre-riot conditions. Featherstone/Halden – I do not have a lot of info – but if looking at drugs and prisons remember that a key channel for drugs>prisons is via staff so there could be solutions/improvements that better architecture could enable to reduce this likelihood. When you have done your report – if you fancied producing your findings as an article I would consider publishing it on here.

      1. Thanks Nathan, I will send you it over to look at once its done! Who was your contact at Strangeways prison? It would be good to email someone over their directly to speak to! Ive just contacted one of the architects who refurbished the prison in 1990, hopefully he will be able to answer my questions. Yes im going to look at the Woolf report and also the PDBS published by the home office. Have you looked at this?



  4. Hi Nathan,

    I am considering buying your ebook but unfortunately, there is no payment option that I could use. The only ones I am able to use are iDeal and an overbooking to another account. My girlfriend and I are going to hit the road just like you, as “digital nomad” entrepreneurs. But in order to start off vlogging and shooting a documentary while traveling, we’d need a proper van. So that’s why 🙂
    Please consider liking our Instagram: or facebook:

    Love your content!


  5. Hi Nate, I love your van conversion videos and am being inspired to do a similar conversion soon. One thing I would like to know more about is the window installation – why you only installed one, why on that side of the van, where you got it, etc. If you have a minute I’d be keen on your thoughts.

  6. H Nate!

    My name is Jake and I work at Tiny Life Supply, an online store and information hub for people building small, green living spaces.

    We recently created a ‘Research Hub’ for people interested in converting or renovating a van. We love what you did with your van reno documentaries, and wanted to share your project with our readers through a link in our hub!

    You can check out your mention in the article here:

    If you think your followers would find this article useful, please feel free to share or link to it; you would truly be making our day!

    We will be updating the hub periodically so any feedback you have is welcome.

    We also have an affiliate program if you’re interested in partnering up!

    Thanks a lot for your time,


  7. Hi Nate, I really liked the video. I was blown away, the reason I am writing to you is because I am having an issue with trying to purchase your ebook.

  8. Hi Nate.

    I am contacting you on behalf of because we saw your feature in The Sun. I was wondering if you would like to do an interview with us? We are focusing on the positive impact off-grid living has on our planet and we find your camper van-adventure really interesting. If you want to check out our work you can go to or @offgridpeople on Facebook.

    You can reach me on or by phone 004746426716.

    Best regards,
    Amalie Henden

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