VIDEO: Yosemite with Oli Lyon

This is a video put together by the talented Mr.Oli Lyon about our recent trip to Yosemite.

Featuring Serenity & Sons, Astroboy, The Great Escape, Free Blast, Separate Reality & Free Rider.

Supported by Rab & English Braids (static ropes).

Enjoy! Highest definition recommended.

A foray into illustration #1

I have been illustrating since I was very young (in particular for family birthday cards). I probably peaked when I was around 18 and have not really done a huge amount since then. I have however recently decided to pick it up again and have set myself an illustration project to do so (more on this soon).

I find that doing purely creative things benefits me greatly – it frees up my mind and in this sense I feel it aids creative thinking in my work life. It is also satisfying on a primal level – I think that everyone should have some creative outlet.

When I have illustrated things in the past it has generally been predominantly Pilot v5 fine liner with a basic addition of colour – colour being something I never really got on with. Before embarking on my project I decided to actually research how professional illustrators go about illustrating and discovered things I wish I learnt 15 years ago!

It speaks volumes for a more focused approach to anything – starting with market research – some bench marking and a strong desire to create at a highly professional standard.

The first of these discoveries is the dip pen, the second is coloured inks.

Coloured inks, dip pens, a couple of brushes & water colour pencils
Coloured inks, dip pens, a couple of brushes & water colour pencils

The dip pen and black ink makes a dense line (which is actually raised when it dries). When dry it is insoluble to other inks so does not run or bleed. The line they create has character and can be anything from 1mm thick (or more nib depending) to incredibly fine. I can hardly begin to describe how awesome they are compared with a normal fine liner. The line even creates a rather nice barrier to the coloured ink making coloring much easier.

Coloured inks, applied by brush, are also Continue reading “A foray into illustration #1”